Effectiveness of Inquiry Training Model over Conventional Teaching Method on Academic Achievement of Science Students in India

A. Pandey, G. K. Nanda, V. Ranjan


This study investigated the effectiveness of Inquiry Training Model over conventional teaching method in teaching physical science at the secondary level of science students. A total of 100 students participated in the study. The author selected the randomized groups, pre-test post-test design in true experimental design. Results revealed a statistically significant effect of Inquiry Training Model (ITM) over conventional teaching method on Academic achievement of students. Based upon the achievement test in physical science (ATPS), teaching of physical science through Inquiry Training Model is more effective than the teaching through the Conventional Method at the secondary level. The ITM model may be advocated as a better tool than the conventional method for teaching Physical Science. However, the work carried out is having certain limitations such as the unit of lesson-plans based on Physical Science was specified only 4 sub-units.

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